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Nepal Rideout , Nepal 4.5/5 (1556 reviews)

  • Nepal
  • season Summer
  • 12 Nights
  • 5 - 7 Hours
  • 3 days
  • 1,800  KM
  • area Himalayas 
  • 40% unpaved
  • 7 (out of 10)
  • Pillion Friendly Yes  (with difficulty in places)
  • 25°C to 2°C
  • kickoff Kathmandu

Overview of Himalayan Kingdom Nepal Rideout

Nepal, nestled in the Himalayas, boasts a rich and diverse cultural tapestry shaped by its varied ethnic groups. The people of Nepal are known for their warm hospitality and resilience in the face of challenging terrain and weather. The country is a vibrant mosaic of ethnicities, including the dominant Indo-Aryan & Tibetan-Burman groups, each with its own languages, traditions, and customs. The cultural landscape is adorned with ancient Hindu & Buddhist traditions, with countless temples, stupas, and monasteries dotting the landscape, making Nepal a spiritual haven.

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Highlights of Himalayan Kingdom Nepal Rideout

A motorbike tour that covers the Kathmandu-Pokhara-Mustang circuit in Nepal is an exhilarating adventure that combines cultural exploration with stunning landscapes. Here are some highlights of this circuit: 

  • Kathmandu Valley: Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Pashupatinath Temple, the Boudhanath Stupa and the Kathmandu Durbar Square.

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Itenary of Mustang Nepal Roadtrip

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Shabad Singh

What an incredible adventure! If you’re searching for an unforgettable motorcycle journey through the Himalayas or a thrilling mountain expedition, Nomad Bikers is the ultimate choice. The Nomad Bikers team blends professionalism with a warm and friendly approach.

Our Royal Enfield Himalayans we rented were in pristine condition and delivered outstanding performance throughout our trip. Opting for their bikes made our adventure hassle-free, and the fact that we embarked on this thrilling Moto tour with our Office colleagues added an extra layer of enjoyment. When it came time to return the bikes, Riding Crew conducted a comprehensive inspection, ensuring a seamless experience without bothering us about minor issues.

But it’s not just about the bikes or riding destination; the accommodations arranged by Nomad team were nothing short of extraordinary. Their unique selection of remote and off-the-beaten-path locations for our stays, instead of typical tourist spots, added a whole new dimension to our adventure. The accommodations and team activities were genuinely remarkable. To sum it up, I couldn’t be happier with this motorcycle tour experience, and I’m already looking forward to the next big ride with Nomad Bikers.

Durga Satapathy

Spiti Valley Corporate ExpeditionThe House of Nomads team truly exceeded our expectations when it came to organizing our recent Corporate Field trip in mountains, even pulling in support from their Mumbai office to ensure the entire experience ran seamlessly.

My Motorcycle journey with Nomad Bikers was nothing short of spectacular. From the exhilarating rides to the mesmerizing views and breathtaking scenery, it was an adventure like no other. What truly set this trip apart was the exceptional premium accommodations and delectable local Pahari cuisine we got to savour.

I must commend Capt Thakur for his outstanding efforts in ensuring every detail was meticulously taken care of, keeping our spirits high and motivation levels soaring for this incredible adventure. Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude to Sandeep Thakur and Amit Patil for their tireless dedication in providing us with impeccably maintained bikes every morning, always accompanied by their warm smiles and cheerful demeanours. Wishing them all the success they deserve.

This testimonial is not just a recount of a memorable experience, but an invitation to fellow bikers who are seeking an unforgettable motorcycle tour in India. Nomad Bikers is the ultimate choice for riders who crave thrilling journeys, captivating landscapes, and impeccable service. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a remarkable adventure with them.

Peter Mulrooney

Bikers from IrelandMy recent Himalayan motorcycle journey with Nomad Bikers was nothing short of breathtaking. The experience left me in awe of the mesmerizing landscapes that unfolded before my eyes, from the verdant beauty of Shimla to the stark, cold desert of Spiti, and all the way to the majestic glaciers and high mountain passes, some towering almost as high as Everest’s base camp.

What truly surprised me was the exceptional quality of the roads. While I anticipated the gravel roads to be an adventure in themselves, the asphalt roads surpassed my expectations. These roads were undoubtedly some of the finest I’ve ever had the privilege of riding on. Their smooth surfaces, perfectly balanced cambers, and gracefully winding curves were a rider’s dream come true. It almost felt like a surreal experience, let me assure you, this was a joke.

Having been an avid biker for over two decades, with travels spanning numerous countries, I can confidently state that this journey ranks among my top five biking experiences. The exhilaration I felt on those roads was unparalleled, and the Himalayas served as a backdrop that made it all the more remarkable.

I must also extend my heartfelt gratitude to Backup Rider Abhi, who played an integral role in ensuring the safety of this adventure. Abhishek was an invaluable asset throughout the trip, always ready to assist with river crossings, ensuring everyone had the right gear, leading the group, and tending to any other needs that arose. His dedication and expertise made a world of difference, ensuring that every moment of the journey was as safe as it was exhilarating.

For my fellow riders from Ireland and UK contemplating a motorcycle expedition to India, I highly recommend Nomad Bikers. This is a team that knows how to make an adventure come to life. I can say with certainty that I will return and most likely join Premium Moto Tour of Rajasthan. If you’re a biker seeking an unforgettable experience in the Himalayas, Nomad Bikers should be your top choice.

Steven Scorah

testimonial user“Our adventurous RE Motorcyclists from Manchester had an absolutely unforgettable experience! We embarked on a thrilling journey to the Himalayas after receiving top-notch training at a Riding Academy in the UK. The meticulously planned Spiti Valley Circuit left us in awe, and the accommodations were nothing short of exceptional. The constant support from the backup vehicle added an extra layer of security to our expedition. We’re already daydreaming about our Royal Enfield enthusiasts from the UK joining with the Nomad Bikers again in the future. Thanks, and here’s to safe riding!

Our Himalayan Ride Adventure was an absolute game-changer, and we can’t help but reminisce about it during our weekend rides in the UK. The allure of the Himalayas is irresistible, and we’re already contemplating our next adventure with brand new Himalayan motorcycle.

John Rogers

Manchester_s Best Motorcycle Tours to Asia“Are you a passionate Royal Enfield Biker from UK looking to break away from the usual Bikers trails in UK? If you’re in pursuit of a genuine adventure and ready to fully embrace the Adventure lifestyle, I cannot recommend anything other than the Nomads Spiti Valley Motorcycle Trip. Their meticulous route planning, top-notch accommodations, and mouthwatering cuisine surpassed all my expectations.

Navigating through the diverse terrain of the Himalayas while immersing myself in the awe-inspiring culture and tribal way of life was an absolute delight. However, the highlight of my journey was the heart-pounding Chandra Valley Off-roading experience. The true magic of this remarkable journey was the joy of experiencing it alongside my son. We shared unforgettable moments on the road, making our bond even stronger. I’m already in the early stages of planning my next Motorcycle journey with you though this time it will be Rajasthan Moto Tour as I had my share of Himalayas! If you’re a fellow biker seeking the ride of a lifetime, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity with Nomad Bikers. Your next Motorcycle adventure awaits!”

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